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As of February 2014, 97% of US adults 18-49 own a cell phone, while more than 78% of them use it to access the web.*

In June of 2013, Mobile usage surpassed desktop and laptop usage for the top 500 online retailers with phones and tablets showing a 55% usage over 45% for desktop and tablet. Those are huge numbers, for such a new technology as smart phones and tablet devices.

What this means for you as a small business is, its time to get serious about serving your customers a mobile website that will allow them to easily find the information they need no matter what type of device they are on.

Today's busy consumers don't have time to drive home to look up information about your business, they expect to find the information they need on your website using their phone on the go. If your website is not optimized for access by a mobile device, you're losing customers to your competitors every day.

Responsive Design allows your website to respond to multiple devices by displaying the content in an easy to use format for each device. This site you are viewing is a Responsive Design and has been optimized for viewing on several popular devices, including Android and iPhones, Nexus and iPad tablets, as well as many other mobile, desktop and laptop screens.

Roberts Web Design has extensive experience building Joomla Templates using the latest Responsive Design techniques. We can integrate any type of Joomla extension into a custom design using many of the popular template frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. Take a look at our web design portfolio to see several examples of our work.

If you're serious about getting your site mobile ready and want to discuss your project, fill out the form below for a free consultation.

*Pew Research Center - 25th Anniversary of the Web Report